Rekisteriseloste / tietosuojaseloste


Registry description in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99), article 10

Data controller
Blaa Oy
Pätsiniementie 32
37800 Toijala, Finland

Registry name
E-commerce customer registry

Purpose of managing personal information
The registry is used for the sole purpose of maintaining a customer relationship between the retailer and the customer. Placing an order does not require registering in the customer registry.

Registry data content
Basic customer information: customer number, surname, first name, mailing address, zip code, post office, telephone number, cellular phone number, e-mail address, order history, and delivery tracking information.
A permission granted by the customer to send marketing material will be stored in the registry.

Regular information sources
The customer’s contact details are saved when the customer registers. Other details will be saved when the customer shops in the online shop.

Regular vouchsafing of information and data transfer outside the EU or the EEA
The data controller will not vouchsafe information to external parties.

Principles of registry protection
The data controller’s data system and files have been protected using normal technical protection methods. A right of access to the registry requires an individual username and password, which shall only be granted to staff members of the data controller whose position and role require such right of access.

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